My first novel, Lady Midnight, has been released!

Readers of this blog will be glad to know that I am not dead (yet) nor have I been arrested or indefinitely detained by Homeland Security. I have, in fact, been occupied with the writing of my first novel, Lady Midnight. It is being published through Concrescent Press.


Fifteen years ago, they murdered her lover and pinned the crime on her. Now, Andrea Styx uses her psychic abilities and occult training in the service of an organization dedicated to the downfall of a corrupt system. But the arrival of a new protege brings her past screaming to her own back door, and awakens doubts about the purpose to which she has dedicated her life.

She has a plan.

The Cosmos has other ideas…

It is a different take on the occult fiction genre. Darker, edgier, more character oriented. Moral ambiguity abounds. There is no “Dr. Taverner” here.

You can purchase it from the publisher here or from Amazon


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