Theocrats say “Pray for McCain’s Quick Death”

Holy. Shit. I’m fairly certain that, if the huge sections of the government weren’t already in the pockets of these lunatics, the kinds of statements the article below links to would win you a visit from the Secret Service.

The more theocratic elements of the Religious Right have a disturbing habit, (more like a practice) of invoking “imprecatory prayer” — a call for God to literally pour his wrath down on those they consider to be his enemies. Last year, for example, Rev. Wiley Drake, then a Second Vice President of the Southern Baptist Convention made news when he called on his followers to pray for God to smite members of the staff of Americans United for Separation of Church and State. (Drake was angry that the organization had reported Drake to the IRS for endorsing Mike Huckabee on church stationary, among other apparent abuses of his church’s 501(c))(3) tax-exemption.) The most recent target of theoractic imprecations is none other than Republican presidential candidate John McCain. They hope that an act of God will make Sarah Palin president.

Truly, after certain other events do we really think it will be long before some disturbed individual takes the step beyond praying?


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