Mike Huckabee: Dominionist and Dangerous

His call to change the Constitution “according to God’s standards” was frightening enough, but it turns out that “Republican” candidate Mike Huckabee is also affiliated with some of the most extreme edges of the Dominionist movement.

From Daily Kos:

As bad as that gets, though, it’s worse than I feared. It seems that Mike Huckabee is not only a good friend of neopente cult leader and “Bible-based baby beating” and Joel’s Army-with-guns advocate Bill Gothard…but he’s also a member of his Bible-based cult.

A site with more information on Huckabee’s connections to Bill Gothard.

He also promoted Gothard’s program in public schools as governor of Arkansas.

While he’s being portrayed in the media as a folksy kind of guy, Huckabee represents the worst kind of theocratic fascism alive in America today. Not just Dominionist, but paramilitary. He is, in fact, already a traitor to the Constitution, by virtue of his active disregard for the First Amendment, and thus unqualified for the office of President.


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