Of irony and solidarity

From Wild Hunt:

McCain doesn’t know we’re a secular nation. Of course neither does Hilary.

A big theme this election season seems to be who can out Jesus who. Which is ironic, or troubling, when you consider that some Dominionist big-wigs are talking Third Party and at least one groups is suggesting that the gawd-nazis should leave politics altogether, abandoning America to “God’s wrath” a-la a term by Hilary Clinton.

So, the Fundification of the country may go on without the Dominionists in the driver’s seat, simply by default. Mainly because, deep down, most people in the United States really do believe that this nation was founded as a Christian one…

Which brings me to my point. Bluntly, we as Pagans need to face up to a basic reality: this is not currently a free country in any meaningful sense unless one is White, Middle Class, and Christian. The weight put on the different requirements varies regionally, but that pretty much covers it. Even in Northern California, that island of openness, we’re really only accepted because we’re seen as “harmless,” and because we make up a huge part of the information economy.

We’re being shut out of meaningful political power. By “meaningful” I’m talking about the ability to direct public policy. The Pagan community seems more interested in senseless denotive issues (“Is Wicca Witchcraft”) than it is in the fact that the freedoms they enjoy in theis country are being eaten away by theocrats, the planet they purport to hold sacred is being devastated, and a war is being fought for no reason, and we have to fight tooth and nail to even get acknowledged when we die for these bastards.

We need to figure out where our objective interests rest, and vote for the people who will represent them. We also need to stop debating over who is or is not a “real” Pagan and start acting in solidarity.

What does solidarity mean? It means that you stick up for your own when they’re being harassed, whether or not you think they’re in the right. You do this because politics is formalized warfare, and a mass of people can change the course of battle.

We’re in the middle of a slow, insidious civil war here, folks. The time to worry about who is “too fluffy” is over.

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